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Force Take Down Dallas Marshals

WICHITA, Kan. — The Wichita Force traveled down to D-town to play against the Dallas Marshals. The Wichita Force were looking forward to getting their first conference win on the road. The team was looking to continue the hard-hitting and fierce gameplay on the road versus the Dallas Marshals.

The Force got it started early with an opening kickoff return by Edward Smith. Edward Smith had a career game having 223 return yards on 7 return attempts. Smith was averaging 31.9 yards per return attempt. The special teams were able to set the tone of the game early on. The energy then elevated and seemed to motivate the offense. The energy led into an early first-quarter touchdown by rookie Jalen Sykes (4-yard rush), leading the Wichita Force to an early 33-6 lead. Contributing to the early lead was Luke Pray who finished the game going 3/3 on FGs, and also finishing 8/9 on PATs. With offensive contributions coming from across the board, the Force offense was firing on all cylinders with high-quality performances from the quarterback duo of Joe Hubener and Brandon Steed, which both recorded their first touchdown of the 2018 season.

The Wichita Force was able to produce another solid showing on the defensive side of the ball by limiting the Marshals to 133 yards offense and creating 3 fumbles. Mike “The Bellmeister” Bell was able to record his first career-forced fumble against the Dallas Marshals. Bell was complemented with two dynamic performances by James McCartney who recorded 1 sack, and Keenen Gibbs who recorded 3 sacks. The Force rallied behind Dexter Davis and Kendrick Harper who led the team with 8 tackles each. Kendrick Harper recorded 7 solo tackles, while Dexter Davis recorded 6 solo tackles in the match-up against the Marshals.

Solid gameplay from all aspects of the game allowed the Wichita Force to solidify a 73-38 win over the Dallas Marshals. The Wichita Force are entering the bye week and are looking forward to their next road game when the team travels out to Duke City. The Wichita Force will enter the road trip being 1-0 in conference play for the season. The team will look to extend the hard-hitting gameplay on all sides of the ball.